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Monday, October 3, 2011

Urban Outfitters Coporate Campus Part 1

I had the privilege of attending a private tour of the Urban Outfitters corporate campus, located in south Philadelphia  former Navy Yard. This campus isn't merely a collection of isolated loft buildings that happen to have a great industrial-age bones; it is part of  a ready made city, urban in its own way.

Just a brief history, the Navy Yard served as a ship building and repair facility from 1868 through 1996. Decommissioned, it's 187 buildings were abandoned. In 2004, the 1,000-acre National Historic District was mastered planned for redevelopment an evolution from public to private use. When Urban Outfitters, inc., first considered the site, the existing structures were dilapidated. Despite the decay, the soul of the Navy Yard spoke to company's founder, Dick Hayne. He purchased four historic buildings with one that was constructed from 1880 through 1939. Meyer Scherer and Rockcastle transformed four dilapidated historic buildings in the Navy Yard into an adaptive reuse headquarters.

The company's five retail brands-Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN (bridal line) and Terrain (home) design studios and offices are housed within each building. What was so unique is that as you walked in each building of each brand, the buildings were designed to fit each brand. Even the employees mirrored the brands they designed for.
                                                  lobby of main office building
                         Anthropologie lobby- what a colorful ride, can I get in?
                    dinning room set in Anthropologie building (despite my assistant Kayla)
      Wall of free people building- who thinks to hangup vases on a ceiling- GENIUS!
      Free People-this elevator cover is made of quilt, notice the lockers on the side          
                   Sitting area of Free People building- loved loved loved the lamps
                 Stairway of Urban Outfitters Building- So inspired the rustic materials
                       Work space at Urban Outfitters building- red couch on brick wall
                             This chandelier is made out of old bottles- tres chic
                                           Terrain and BHLDN building
                                       Entrance of cafeteria- huge pile of large chain
                                   Pink rope in cafeteria and gym lobby
                                            The Gym- I want to workout there
                                sitting area in the cafeteria

Looking at the workspace of Urban inc., I hope everyone is inspired.


  1. I love the sneak peek of the Urban outfitters office space..very creative designs and warm feel to it ! Absolument tres chic !! And your NY fashion week highlights..awesome!!
    i'm feeling the sequins for the fall...One MUST SHINE !!

  2. love this! i could stay there all day!