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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random: I'm feeling this dress

I'm about to be in Ghana for a couples of weeks. I was just feeling this dress, it gave me a very African feel.

Getting ready in the mirror

full view of the dress

seriously what's so funny, I just love life

(Dress-vena cava, earrings and dress pins-vintage, hair-Perry Amati, Make-up-Marie Ntam)
Photos- Jeffrey Fowler

Have a great week!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I want it all: Versace for h&m

Tomorrow November 19th is the day. The Versace for H&M is hitting North American stores. Did you hear that the stores in London sold out the first day. I can believe it, this collection is super cute. These are some of the items, campers set their eyes on and what I'm most looking forward to.

Love the dress and leather jacket
You can be sure, I will be picking up a lot of accessories
Loving the dress and bag
Another animal print I don't own

Men don't feel left out, there is enough swag for you in this collection.

I heart this look
mesh shirt and black suit screams sexy!
Kanye recently wore this for a performance, I love the versatility of this jacket
seriously I love this with the leather jeggings/pants

Retail prices for this collection runs from $20-$300, with most pieces falling into the $150-$200. Don't forget to check H&M for locations.

Happy Shopping!

(photos courtesy of

Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazing Bodies: Meet Inez

I was asked by a friend of mine Jeffrey Fowler ( to style a fitness shoot. Jeff is an amazing photographer with a great eye, so I knew it was going to be a blast and nothing short of spectacular.

I was taken away when I met Inez Sobczak a beautiful, muscular model, who made me want to run to the gym. Seriously I went the next morning. For the past ten years Inez has been a personal trainer, taught group fitness classes, organized wellness programs and successfully competed in national figure competitions. What more can I say she is awesome.

Here is the outcome of our photoshoot. Enjoy!

Beautiful lady with an incredible body

All I can say is WOW

Perfect arms

The perfect arch. Amazing!
If you are ever looking for a personal trainer and nutritionist, look up Inez at


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ivo the Perfect Gentleman

I was in London, not too long ago and I stumbled across, this man in the train station. Seriously, I was memorized by his demeanor and appearance. He had this vintage aura and I felt it in his presence.  Introducing Ivo an Englishman with a Sierra Leonian background. Looking at him was like a scene from an old movie. He walks around in a top hat and a cane, who still does that. What I appreciated was that he didn't even know how great he looked, it's the norm for him. What a life! Seriously he was so shy, that I almost didn't get a picture.
I just thought it would be proper in black and white

How great, a vintage suitcase with the latest sports issue

One last look

After that, he kissed my hand and bid adieu. A true gentleman. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm loving this new Beyonce video for Party ft. J Cole. It's stylish, fun and reminds me of my party crew. Looks like my type of summer throwback party. Bey's outfits, makeup and hair are flawless. Kelly looks amazing too.

You a bad girl and your friends(sisters) bad too. This is my go to party crew, cuz we like to party
A great party is not where you are at, but who you are with. I love my sisters!
Enjoy life!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Augustine Kum Ntam: My Daddy, Greatest Man Ever

In the words of my sister Linda, five years ago our lives were altered by an unexpected change, the death of our father. Today I want to take the time and recognize the man who shaped the person I am. Augustin Kum Ntam was a loving father, devoted husband, caring friend, and just a wonderful person. He touched everyone he met and changed many lives. We miss your smile, laugh and most importantly your touch.

A man of dignity

Daddy had the perfect features, so handsome

It's crazy that all the boys resemble him in this picture

Daddy loved to danced (dad and mom)

Family picture, can't believe we all fit

All 13 children

We miss you daddy. Looking forward to seeing you again!!!