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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashionista Wear: Sequins Sequins

Turn on the glitz ladies sequins has quickly become the must have fall item. The funny thing is I wear sequins all year round. Here are some shots of me in the summer time with one of my favorite sequin tops and shoes. Just a little tip, a chic sequins top during the day, worn with jean or shorts gives it more of a causal vibe. Hence why I have one of my fave jean shorts on. Who doesn't want to shine!

                      (Top-vintage, shorts-hollister, shoes-miu miu, jewerly- all from Nigeria)

Also included in one of my bff's Tiange, causing a splash during New York Fashion week with this sequin ensemble and shorts, WERK!!!.
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  1. love this alice! ive got a thrifted sequin top in my closet riiiiight now!!! you ladies look fab!

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  3. You've inspired me to wear my sequin blouse ... Stunning look