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Monday, April 23, 2012

Fashionista Wear: Rainys days are best with a bestie

Yesterday was a drab and rainy day, but the sun always shines when I'm with one of my besties Perry Amati. Perry gave me a new do and I absolutely love it. He also dug into his creative channels and was the photographer and makeup artist.  Thanks luv!
Shirt-vintage- my fav is that both sides had slits
shoes- Christian Louboutin
sequin pants- La Cite
new hair alert! love it
Ring and necklace both Noir
Nails Zoya-snow white
Rainy days are reserved for your bestie
Have a great Week!


  1. I had such a fun time spending nearly twenty four hours with you this weekend. We got pretty and silly while at it. Love you doll!!!

  2. It looks like you guys had a kick ass the new hair

  3. Noir jewelry is sweet, the necklace with many layer makes the outfit pop...I like the twist you put on the outfit has a whole

  4. Loving the details of your look: the hair, nails and jewelry pull everything together! Awesome photo shoot!

  5. Gorg!!! Yes perry!!!!!!!!!! loving your outfit too, class, sophistication, and sexy at the same time ! Love!

  6. u look gorgeous in this the print..i need sth like that!!!

  7. Whoa, what a stunner, I absolutely love this look.


    Liz Lizo

    Vogued Out