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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fashionista Coiffe: Hair as Art

Lately I have been going through some changes with my hair. I decided to go natural, meaning no relaxers or products in my hair. Trust the transitions has not been that easy. I love updo's so when I spotted this style I had to have it. I call it hair art. Thank you Courtney at Salon Etc, I love it.

the front view

I love the fish bone braid in the front

Earrings- vintage

view from the back- look at the intricate details

shirt- Vera Wang

Have a great weekend!

(photos courtesy of Detrick Ntam, hair- Cortney )


  1. Sometimes the usual just doesn't cut it. You look great Al.

  2. You are simply a QUEEN

  3. Amazing!! i love the 2nd pic from the top! u look tres jeune et Vivante!! u should blow up that pic and frame it!!