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Friday, October 12, 2012

Stylist Video: Solange "Losing You"

Solange is coming out with a new album and I'm stoked since I've still been rocking her old album "Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams". I'm obsessed with her latest video for her single "Losing You." Shot in Capetown, South Africa it featured the always dapper Congolese Les Sapeurs.  I loved the way the video captured Africa's rawness and very cool fashionable vibe. I was brought back to Janet Jackson's Got 'til it's Gone" feat Q-Tip and Jonie Mitchell.

Here are some very fashionable scenes

Solange Knowles Losing You Shooting in Africa Solange Knowles Losing You: Will American Celebrity Artists Shooting Videos in Africa Become the New Gimmick?

                                                      Have a Chic weekend!


  1. Go SoLo! Always love her originality!

  2. Holy $**!# let's go back right now!!! This totally does capture Africa in the raw. The barber shops with the illustrations and funny names totally add such a flare!! Booking our flights now!!!!