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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: MeraBell covers NYFW Sally LaPointe

I was honored to have Merabell a Georgetown University student with a major in sports management, cover the Sally LaPointe collection at NYFW. That is what ordinary fashionistas is all about; fashion lovers from different backgrounds. Thanks, Merabell, wonderful coverage!

Hosted at the Zach Feuer Art Gallery, Sally LaPointe Fall 2012 collection was just as dramatic as the venue, with red paint dripping down the walls, semi-finished ceilings and smoke haze in the air added a sort of mischief and "je ne sais quoi" ambiance to the show. Her use of flowy chiffon pants and dresses in sapphire and gold prints really brought the theatricals. My personal favorite was the black cocktail dress with a cutout in the middle, pictured below. What a thrilling show and I loved every moment of it...Merabell.
Sally LaPointe
the flow of fabrics, come hither
Sally LaPointe
cocktails? go short or it
Great ending!
Merci Merabell, looking forward to more exciting coverage from you.

(Photos courtesy of Getty images and OrdinaryFashionistas)

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