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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ivo the Perfect Gentleman

I was in London, not too long ago and I stumbled across, this man in the train station. Seriously, I was memorized by his demeanor and appearance. He had this vintage aura and I felt it in his presence.  Introducing Ivo an Englishman with a Sierra Leonian background. Looking at him was like a scene from an old movie. He walks around in a top hat and a cane, who still does that. What I appreciated was that he didn't even know how great he looked, it's the norm for him. What a life! Seriously he was so shy, that I almost didn't get a picture.
I just thought it would be proper in black and white

How great, a vintage suitcase with the latest sports issue

One last look

After that, he kissed my hand and bid adieu. A true gentleman. 


  1. adeiu ivo! work that hat honey!!! lol...

  2. Love it! I wish more men still dressed like that...